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2017 Donation

In 2017 Lakeshore Weekend Proceeds will be donated to Herma Heart Center, the cardiology portion of Children’s Hospital of WI! Below, read about PEARCE, a loveable voice of the outstanding services Herma Heart Center of Children’s Hospital of WI provides! Pearce plans on visiting us this year at Miesfeld’s Lakeshore Weekend to personally tell his story!

Pearce’s story

Pearce was born with multiple congenital heart defects. Early into the pregnancy, his parents made the decision to deliver at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the best place for preemie care and home to the Herma Heart Center, one of the top pediatric heart programs in the country #5 in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report. Pearce’s parents sought the expertise of our pediatric cardiologists to correct his hypoplastic right heart syndrome, along with other issues. Pearce is lucky to have received surgery in Milwaukee and he now receives follow-up care just 20 minutes from his house in Greenville, ensuring his heart stays healthy for years to come. His heart is beating better than ever and he’s an active child who loves to play outside with his brothers.

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Herma Heart

Previous years Contributions to Children’s Hospital

2009   $44,153.99 (Unrestricted)

2010   $17,732 (Unrestricted)

2011   $90,000 (Unrestricted)

2012   $107,500 (Two Giraffe Isolate beds)

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2013   $152,000 (150 pediatric beds)

  • Images Below

2014   $165,000 (New NICU Patient Room)

2015   $165,000 (NICU GoPro Cameras) Video of Cheeto wearing a GoPro

2016   $238,500 to the Herma Heart Center



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